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Water Coolers

AA3300x Range of Bottled Water Coolers

The AA3300X series of Bottled Water Coolers is available in three liveries - anthracite, silver and cream.

Also available as floor standing or table top cook (ambient) & cold or hot & cold.

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 AA3300 Water Cooler

B&O Classic Dealer

Firmly established as a market favourite, the Borg and Overström Classic water coolers offer point-of- use technology that's both cost-effective and good looking. Boasting a choice of water options, as well as floor-standing or counter-top versions, the Classic makes widely accessible all the advantages of mains-fed, filtered water.

  • Mains-fed water coolers for point of use
  • Stylish design and robust construction
  • Simple to use and easy to maintain
  • Available as floor standing or counter top
  • A choice of water options including hot, ambient, cold and direct-chill

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 B&O Water Cooler

B&O Sport Dealer

Complementing any environment where there's activity, the B&O Sport is as applicable in executive suites as in sports halls. Boasting all the enhanced user features of the Elite model, and more, it is streamlined and exceptionally compact (even the counter-top model offers sparkling water). Despite its compact design, however, it gives the largest dispensing area, comfortably filling sports bottles and pint glasses.

  • Premium point-of-use cooler with streamlined design
  • Touch-panel controls and integral cup dispenser
  • Maximum capacity, auto-lit dispensing area
  • A choice of water options including ambient, cold, direct-chill and carbonated (sparkling)

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 B&O Sport Dealer Water Cooler

B&O Elite Dealer

Offering added enhancement through refined styling, the B&O Elite boasts all the features and options of the Classic, plus other user benefits. These include a larger dispensing area, integral cup dispenser and the option of sparkling water, giving a distinctive edge to your corporate refreshment system.

  • Prestigious point-of-use cooler of sturdy construction
  • Touch-panel controls and integral cup dispenser
  • Auto-lit dispensing area of generous dimensions
  • Available as floor standing or counter top
  • A choice of water options, including hot, ambient, cold, direct-chill and sparkling

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 B&O Elite Dealer Water Cooler